Our Mission

 Enhance the abilities and support the independence of people with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities throughout their lives.

Thank you to the Inglis Foundation who honored us with the 2016 Award for Continuing Excellence!

What is the Cerebral Palsy Association?

Last year, by providing home and community based waiver services to 388 people with disabilities we have saved Pennsylvania an estimated 5.7 million dollars in nursing home expense.

The Cerebral Palsy Association is a non-profit agency located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. We service residents in Chester County and its surrounding areas who have disabilities. We are also known as Chester County Disability Services because we focus not only on people with cerebral palsy but a variety of physical disabilities such as spinal cord injuries, and MS.  Our Children’s Early Intervention program provides comprehensive services to infant and toddlers with developmental delays.  We also provide services to people with brain injury and Autism. All services assist individuals to maintain their independence in the community.

How do we Accomplish our Mission?


The highest quality of services to individuals with disabilities and their families.


The community about physical disabilities.


The public about the abilities and rights of people with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities.




The developmental growth of children and the independence of adults with disabilities in the community.

Help a Local Chester County Charity

Cerebral Palsy Association of Chester County values collaboration and leadership in the field of disabilities. We actively participate in many learning networks and focus on sharing knowledge on best practices in our field. Learn more.